The low down on sit-on basins!

Sit-on basins have been popular for some time and they still look stylish and contemporary…things to remember when looking at them for your room.

Usually more expensive than their semi-recessed or modular basin relations.

The unit they sit on is typically deeper than other furniture so if space is a premium then perhaps not, although our example is in a cloakroom so it does depend on the shape of your space, if perhaps you have a deeper recess where the furniture will go?

The tap can either be mounted onto the furniture beside the basin as an ‘extended basin mixer’ which is taller than usual to flow into the bowl or the same as a standard basin and sat on the top of the ceramic, depending on the style of the bowl.

Not all bowls have an overflow!

The furniture below the bowl is usually wood veneer or laminate worktop so if you are a messy splasher then you will need to mop up eachtime otherwise leave your watermarks behind.

Take a look at some great examples of all basin styles at Utopia.