Kitchen Trends for 2016

According to designer insight the top trends for this year are likely to be the following…just what you were thinking?

– Muted colours in the the more traditional looking kitchens as we have already seen in the real wood painted and mock styles last year
– Smarter spaces that include hidden charging units for the families gadgets and stylish appliances like wine coolers increasing in popularity
– 80’s reboot – shiny surfaces, glass, brass, metallics, shiny black gloss
– More metal – cooker hoods, stainless steel roll down tambour units, brass and copper used in accessories
– Integrated kitchen and living spaces – already a big trend the last couple of years and set to continue as more people change their existing home rather than move
– Texture on texture contrast, mixing and matching different textures and materials within the kitchen area – getting it right is key though so think this one is for the braver at heart!
– Mid century modern designs that include a Nordic feel with light wood and white combined into one design
– Well lit kitchens – to show off the design features it’s a must, LED installations have become the norm