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Blum Experience – kitchen inspiration

Wow what an amazing day spent with Blum – the quality provider of not just clever mechanisms and storage solutions for the kitchen, but in forward thinking and visualisation of what our future population might need a kitchen to provide.

We learnt about their heritage in Austria, where the company still employs the bulk of its staff producing their products and shipping them around the world. To trying out what it was like to be aged by 20 years and how some of their products can help with our ageing population mobility issues.

A tour of their distribution facility was like stepping into a mini Amazon warehouse with state of the art warehouse stock storage and retrieval mechanisms – Clive bravely took a ride in one of their lifts which whizzed along the rows of boxes elegantly but at some height!

Other topics included a masterclass on marketing and brand building, and an insight into how AI tools online can help you research and build content.

We have bought back some great new ideas and products to try out – thank you Blum experience team!

If you’d like to take a look at what’s possible follow this link to Blum’s website.